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Canadian Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Inc. exists to promote Christian ministry for students, alumni and faculty in North America, including the camp and campus ministries of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada.

Core Purpose

Being shaped by God's word and led by the Holy Spirit

The purpose of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada is the transformation of youth, students and graduates, in all their ethnic diversity, into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

Develop Faithful Witness

To witness to the Lord Jesus Christ as God incarnate and to seek to lead others to a personal faith in Him.

Cultivate Spiritual Growth

To deepen and strengthen the spiritual life and gifts of followers by the study of the Bible, fellowship, prayer, and worship.

Demonstrate Christian Love

To encourage Christians empowered by the Holy Spirit to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Seek All Truth in Jesus Christ

To assist Christians in exploring and asserting the relevance of the Christian faith to every aspect of private life and public concern.

Shape Servant Leaders

To develop godly men and women to serve as leaders in God’s work in the world.


Grow a Missional Commitment

To affirm God’s call that all Christians are called to serve Him through their lives and work and to participate in the global mission of the church by praying, giving, and serving.

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