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Campus Ministry

Consistent with our purpose, Canadian Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Inc. promotes and supports the work and ministry of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada who has more than 90 groups meeting on over 60 campuses across Canada. Campus work ministers to thousands of high school, college and university students on an annual basis. Staff and volunteers walk alongside teenagers and young adults engaging them in Bible study and prayer, and helping them to establish spiritual formation practices that will serve as a foundation for their lives.

The campus ministry of Inter-Varsity has over 90 groups on over 60 university and college campuses, as well as high schools, across Canada.

High School

Entering Grade 9, a student is about to meet with pressures and influences that have the power to alter them for a lifetime. Today’s secondary school environment is even harder than ever to mention the name of Jesus. It is the focus of Inter-Varsity to mentor young people through this sensitive time of maturity and development – focusing on character development and a faith that empowers students to share Christ confidently with their peers.


On the university campus key life decisions are made. In this highly experimental environment and during this formative time of life, many thoughts, habits and principles are learned, nurtured and solidified. Even more, on campus choices about friend groups, career and spouse are made by many students. Inter-Varsity is helping to shape young people into future Canadian and even worldwide leaders – both in their vocations and in their Christian influence. Leaders and peers surround participants as they pursue a life modeled after Jesus Christ. Working together to develop in-depth scripture studies and warm fellowship, these communities provide support and a safe place to discuss the application of faith principles to life.

Graduate Student & Faculty

Specifically targetted groups for the Grad Student and members of campus Faculty are inviting those who have made academia their career during this stage of their lives into a place of fellowship. By allowing for training in discipleship and providing forums to field the broader questions, Inter-Varsity invites these students to explore how their academic disciplines intersect with the broader story of God, and to work at applying their faith to their studies, their life at the academy and their life beyond the university.

International Student Ministry [ISM]

There are approximately 65,000 international students attending Canadian colleges and universities. These students clearly represent every country in the world. The smallest number of students are on college campuses and the largest numbers are at big, well-known universities. Inter-Varsity’s International Student Ministry staff estimate that they are significantly connected with about 2,000 of these students. Nearly 800 volunteers work with ISM staff in this ministry.

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