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Inter-Varsity Missions

Consistent with our purpose, Canadian Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Inc. promotes and supports the work and ministry of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada. Inter-Varsity Missions are giving students experience in global or urban communities where they can experience a new reality to that which they have on campus. They see the world that God has called us all to serve and share His message with.

Global Partnerships

Inter-Varsity Missions has long partnered with like-minded student ministries around the world to share a glimpse of God's global reality with students. Through these partnerships, students experience a new worldview by learning from those who live each day in it. Whether they are in a place of vastly different political climate, where Christian faith is supressed, where poverty and hunger are rampant, this is a chance to share in what God is doing to minister to all people. Students return with a greater understanding and a passion for God's mission to the incredible variety present in our world.

Urban Partnerships

Ministering to the marginalized in our society is a key part of Christ's message of sacrificial love and service to all people. Students who take part in urban partnerships are experiencing the challenges of groups of people that others often turn away from. Through creativity and compassion, students are learning to embrace others and shares the love of Christ in word and in action.

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