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Life Transitions are Critically Important

That’s why we support InterVarsity Canada’s dedication to meeting young people in the midst of their most significant transitions. And we do so by supporting their ministries at camps, in high schools, colleges and universities, and as they move into the workplace.


When young people spend time at camp, they step out of the routine of everyday life and discover more about God, creation and themselves. More than almost any other activity, camp helps young people grow healthy roots of faith that serve them for a lifetime.

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High School

High school is a challenging place for students as they seek to figure out who they are and what they are capable of doing. Providing mentors and peer support groups in their schools is critical to helping them thrive in these formative years.

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College and University

Post-secondary education is about more than what students learn from books. It’s also about seeking answers to big questions. What do I believe? What matters to me? Can I make a difference? Facilitating community groups in colleges and universities where students can explore these questions is paramount. And providing support and encouragement for teachers, professors and faculty who play such a key role in shaping these institutions is key.

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These days, it is taking young adults longer to find their footing after graduation. As they enter the workplace, they face a host of new experiences and challenges and may not have a clear sense of how to use their skills. As a result, they may put off traditional post-graduate milestones like marriage or starting a family as they try to make sense of their career path. Providing avenues for help and encouragement is crucial to helping graduates move into a new phase of life with a vibrant and hopeful faith.

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